Eberno Studio

Eberno Studio is based in Magaliesburg, South Africa at the Bushtrail Environmental Centre, which is located in a semi-conservancy on the boundary of the Highveld and the Bushveld.

Eberno is all about close appreciation of nature by using ‘augmented’ art production techniques to present the world in a hitherto unseen way. The gift of AI and related technologies can re-awaken our eyes to important things around us.

Michael (Mike) Nulty

Michael (Mike) Nulty (b.1951) has had a rare career as an artist starting in 1975 with a number of exhibitions in England. However, reacting to the art scene in Britain at that time, he chose not to exhibit his work in galleries, but moved to creating what is now described as Land Art or Earth Art. The important thing here is that these compositions could not exist in an art gallery. Rather, people had to discover the work for themselves within the landscape.

Since arriving in South Africa, he has become more involved in the environmental movement, taking his closely observed photographs of nature to a new and different representational level. 

Artists Statement

I always respond when asked “what is it done in?“, meaning is the work produced in oils, acrylics, photograph, print or something else? The answer is: “it does not matter – what matters is if the work resonates with you? Does the work touch you?”.

Using artificial intelligence as a tool to make fine art, provides an instrument similar to a microscope – enabling the user to perceive aspects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is the eternal and the unseen.

I harness these multiple techniques, combined with more traditional practices, to produce compositions that present nature in a new light, while continuing to follow established aesthetic practices and rules of appreciation. It is literally a new process of making art. This enables the artist to discover fresh ways of looking that resonate with something (the eternal if you like) inside the viewer’s mind. 

Mike Nulty is currently Artist in Residence at Bushtrail Environmental Field Centre, Magaliesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa

“For me, the most important thing when engaged with a work of art, is that it talks to you. It resonates with you.” Michael Nulty 1975